Tourism tax

In 2012 the City of San Benedetto del Tronto introduced the tourism tax, applied to non-residents overnight staying, for a maximum of 6 consecutive nights.

The tourism tax rate is different according to the place you stay (hotels, apartment, B&B) from a minimum of 0,50 to a maximum of 2 euros per person per night, and it is not applied to:

a) Children (up to 12 years old), even if they reach 13 years of age during their stay;

b) People who provide assistance to patients in hospital, max one each patient;

c) Parents or accompanying persons, who provide assistance to underage patients in hospital, max two each patient;

d) People who stay in Youth Hostels and receptive structures owned by the City;

e) The reliant disable people, with an appropriate medical certification, and their companion;

f) Organized groups (min. 20 persons) on stays for the 3rd and the 4th age and for disabled people;

g) Bus drivers and tourist guides that provide activities and assistance to organized groups

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